Archive of Tiksi standard meteorological observations (1932 – 2020)

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Surface meteorology

Description of the archive of Tiksi standard meteorological observations (1932 – 2020)

Standard meteorological parameters have been recorded 8 times per day (00, 03, 06, 09, 12, 15, 18, 21 GMT) at the Tiksi meteorological station for more than 30,000 days covering the period from August 1932 to December 31, 2020. For the period between August 1932 to December 31, 2010, hand written paper records were digitized by teams led by R.M. Goon of the Yakutian Hydrometeorological Office/Tiksi Branch/Climate Department and V.A. Alekseev of the Yakutian Hydrometeorological Office. S.V. Shutilin and N.E. Ivanov from the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute supervised a four-stage quality control process of the data. The Project Manager for the creation of this data archive is A.P. Makshtas.

Data format

Data are organized into 12 separate monthly files. For example, the file name «Tiksi_dec.txt» contains all data for all Decembers, from 1932 to 2020.

The monthly files have internally labeled columns with the following definitions:

ParameterThe name of meteorological parameterField lengthMissing Data codeMeasurement unit
JuldayJulian Day8
Òahhair temperature at hh (hour of observation)8999.9°Ñ
Tamaxmaximal air temperature8999,9°Ñ
Taminminimal air temperature8999.9°Ñ
RHhhrelative humidity at hh (hour of observation)6999%
Tshhsoil surface temperature at hh (hour of observation)8999.9°Ñ
Tsmaxmaximal soil temperature8999.9°Ñ
Tsminminimal soil temperature8999.9°Ñ
NThhtotal cloud fraction at hh (hour of observation)699tenths
NLhhlow cloud fraction at hh (hour of observation)699tenths
vihhvisibility at hh (hour of observation)6999coded
vikhhvisibility at hh (hour of observation)799.99km
RVhhprecipitation between 0-12 and 12-0 GMT699.9mm
slphhpressure sea level at hh (hour of observation)89999.9hPa
WDhhwind direction at hh (hour of observation)6999degree
Whhwind velocity at hh (hour of observation)6999m/sec
hssnow depth6999cm
sohhthe soil surface condition at hh (hour of observation)699coded



Recorded 2 shows the characteristics of the atmosphere during sounding:


  • Position 1-6: YEAR - yaer;
  • Position 7-11: MN - month;
  • Position 12-16: dd - the day;
  • Position 17-20: srok - hour;
  • Position 21-25: kur - the code of level:
      01 - the earth;
      02 - a special point of temperature and humidity;
      03 - the tropopause;
      04 - a special point on the wind;
      05 - the level of maximum wind;
      06 - level of the wind;
      09 - standard height (for radar winds only);
      10 - the standard pressure level;
      11 - the level of the surface or the standard level;
      12 - a special point in temperature or humidity or standard level;
      13 - the tropopause level or standard level;
      14 - a special point to the wind or standard level;
      16 - level treatment of the wind or standard level.
  • Position 26-32: P - the air pressure at the current level, hPa;
  • Position 33-40: H - geopotential height at the current level, m.;
  • Position 41-43: k - a sign of quality control;
  • Position 44-51: T - air temperature °C at the current level;
  • Position 52-55: k - a sign of quality control;
  • Position 56-63: D - deficit of dew point °C at the current level;
  • Position 64-67: k - a sign of quality control;
  • Position 68-73: d - wind direction in degrees at the current level;
  • Position 74-77: k - a sign of quality control;
  • Position 78-83: f - wind speed m/s at the current level;
  • Position 84-87: k - a sign of quality control.
  • Notes:

    1. Sign of quality control can take the following values:

    2. Elements in positions 1-85 are repeated at every level of observation.

    3. Standard isobaric levels (code level 10): 1000; 925; 850; 700; 500; 400; 300; 250; 200; 150; 100; 70; 50; 30; 20; 10 hPa.

    4. The data of the level of maximum wind may additionally contain data about wind shear: in the underlying or overlaing levels (code level 05).

    5. Constant missing data: 9...9.


    Archive of upper-air data

    Month 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
    January: .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip
    February: .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip
    March: .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip
    April: .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip
    May: .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip
    June: .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip
    July: .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip
    August: .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip
    September: .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip
    October: .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip
    November: .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip
    December: .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip .txt  .zip

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