Plenary Sessions

Action Item 4.1: IICWG will make a recommendation to the JCOMM Expert team on Sea Ice to exchange the colors for ice free and new ice in the stage of development code.
Res: J. Falkingham

Action Item 4.2:
H.Andersen to send F. Fetterer recommendations on clarifying the section on Dbase fields in the text description of SIGRID-3.
Res: H.Andersen

Action Item 4.3:
NSIDC will develop the Document Type Declaration (DTD) document for SIGRID-3 format metadata. (A DTD file provides a schema for metadata that can be used to validate the metadata. Use of a DTD with an XML metadata editor matches fields in the metadata file against acceptable keywords and formats for that field. The DTD will check SIGRID-3 metadata for acceptable keywords in metadata fields such as Originator (DMI, AARI), Theme (Sea Ice), and Place (Arctic, Baltic, Greenland).
Res: F. Fetterer

Action Item 4.4:
Ice services to submit applicable key words for SIGRID-3 metadata to F. Fetterer. See the SIGRID-3 document, or your ice service representative on the ad-hoc Format team, for more information.
Res: All ice center heads

Action Item 4.5: JCOMM ETSI chair V.Smolyanitsky to distribute an English language version of the WMO Sea Ice Nomenclature Proposal (submitted by AARI experts). Comments due to V.Smolyanitsky by 31 January 2004.
Res: V. Smolyanitsky, all ice center heads

Action Item 4.6: JCOMM ETSI chair V. Smolyanitsky to distribute an English language version of the WMO Sea Ice Glossary Proposal (submitted by AARI experts). Comments due to V.Smolyanitsky by 31 January 2004.
Res: V.Smolyanitsky, all ice center heads

Action Item 4.7: Make contact with Argentine JCOMM Management Committee member, Madam M.Andrioli, to explore potential for WMO funding for training. H. Andersen to develop training strategy (one page) to be used in contacting Madam Andrioli and forward it to V.Smolyanitsky by Mid May.
Res: V. Smolyanitsky, H. Andersen

Action Item 4.8: A sub-group of the Data, Information and Customer Support Committee on GMES should formed with the role of maintaining active communication and consultation between IICWG members and the two sea ice GMES/GSE projects. M. Manore will chair the sub-group, with members Thor Jakobsson, Cheryl Bertoia, Helge Tangen and Ari Seina. Res: M. Manore Action Item 4.9: Investigate possible changes in ESA ENVISAT data policy.
Res: K.Struebing

Action Item 4.10: Organizing Committee for IICWG-V to actively involve committee chairs in date and agenda setting to ensure maximum participation.
Res: IICWG-V Organizing Committee.

Applied Science and Research Committee

IICWG-IV Action Items

Co-Chairs: Dean Flett (CIS) and Lars-Anders Breivik (DMI)

Action Item ASRC 4.1: Distribute information on the NASA Data Assimilation Workshop for sea ice at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to other members of science committee.
Res: M. Van Woert

Action Item ASRC 4.2:
Report ASRC and IICWG-V on NASA Data Assimilation Workshop.
Res: M. Van Woert

Action Item ASRC 4.3: IICWG recommends converting sea ice model output in a common data format, netCDF, in order to better share/exchange data.
Res: Members of science committee

Action Item ASRC 4.4: Investigate the possibility of direct assimilation of passive microwave radiance, scatterometer backscatter, infrared radiances, and visible reflectance.
Res: Applies Science and Research Committee

Action Item ASRC 4.5: Identify national science leads at each ice center in order to develop a structure for collaborate:
Res: All other IICWG national reps.

Action Item ASRC 4.6: Focus of next science workshop will continue to emphasize modeling/data assimilation, advanced tutorials on model, satellite algorithms, and data assimilation. Model performance information incorporating guidance from CJRS paper.
Res: Applied Science and Research Committee

Action Item ASRC 4.7: Recommend that national model leads attend next workshop and present latest results.
Res: IICWG members

Action Item ASRC 4.8: Finalize and publish the "White Paper on Data Assimilation," under an official publication.
Res: T. Carrieres, L. Breivik

Action Item ASRC 4.9: Provide national input data, model and data assimilation inventory, national input to modeling system requirements and further comments to ASRC and JCOMM ETSI chair by June 30, 2003.
Res: IICWG members and more specific from Baltic Sea Ice Services

Data, Information, and Customer Support Committee

IICWG-IV Action Items

Co-Chairs: Florence Fetterer and Ari Seina

Carry Over Action Items

Action Item CD 3.3: Common Training - Coordinate the development of the IICWG web page, coordinate development or collection of content for the page and make recommendations for the development of national training page if appropriate.
Res: P. Seymour

Action Item CD 3.5: Establish mechanism for an early exchange of information regarding experience with Envisat data - experience with ordering, reception, processing, and validation.
Res: M.Manore
Action Item CD 3.6: Finalize SIGRID-3 format status and submit to JCOMM ETSI.
Res: F. Fetterer

New Actions Items

Action Item CD 4.1: Russian North Pole drifting station 32 will tentatively start functioning by the end of May and collect data from 9-12 months. The Standing Committee will work to identify means of NRT distribution of NP32 data for IICWG members. This committee work has four parts, to be coordinated by V. Smolyanitsky:
1. Distribute information on the experiment to members, so that members may make recommendations regarding data to be collected on the station. Res: V.Smolyanitsky.

2. Propose a station data distribution mechanism. Res: V. Smolyanitsky.

3. Investigate distribution of Radarsat scenes collected for the drifting station. Res:M.Manore.

4. Archive and distribute other data collected in support of NP32. Res: C.Bertoia.
Action Item CD 4.2: Ice Mapping Systems "common system" may be too ambitious, but IICWG members can reduce development costs by a) sharing information and b) sharing software modules where possible. To accomplish this, IICWG members will:

1. Structure information exchange by identifying modules in an ice mapping system (e.g. input, processing, output). Res: H. Andersen
2. Inventory systems, especially software modules.
a) CIS system - provide an early report to IICWG on performance benchmarking of ArcGIS, and list functionality. Res: J. Falkingham
b) NIC system - provide report to IICWG on Remote View, and list functionality. Res: P. Seymour
c) Post or link IICWG-3 and IICWG-4 Ice Mapping session ppt-presentations on IICWG web site. Res: F. Fetterer
3. A common desire is to include meteorology fields as a layer in GIS analysis.
a) Provide information to IICWG on GRIB in Shapefile function in system. Res: H. Tangen
b) Share NIC "White Paper" on efforts in U.S. to convert GRIB or other met field formats to GIS. Res: C. Bertoia
4. List common needs ("virtual requirements") of ice mapping system. Some examples: algorithms for merging polygon, symbol to symbol conversion (e.g. from national to WMO), vector (shapefile) to raster (SIGRID). Res: F.Fetterer

Shared information will be posted on or linked from the IICWG web site.