Review ice charts for the Arctic Ocean
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Review ice charts of the Arctic Ocean are posted here. Scale of hardcopy corresponds to 1:10000000. During summer period (1.VI-30.IX) charts depict distribution of generalized categories of sea ice total concentration for the intervals 1-6/10s and 7-10/10s, during winter period (1.XI-31.V) - distribution of generalized sea ice stages of development (ice thickness) - nilas, young, first-year and old ice. Data collection (averaging) is done for preceding 2-5 days interval. Ice charts are issued every Thursday. Ice charts are based on automatical generalization of regional ice charts which are compiled on a basis of analysis of satellite (visible, infra-red and radar) information and reporets from coastal stations and ships. Access to archive is provided from 2007-12-19. Support:

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