International Scientific Conference

«75 years since the start of studying and development of Northern Sea Route (NSR)»
In the framework of the International Polar Year 2007/2008

February 21-22, 2008
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Purpose of the Conference

– to shed some light on the 75 years of experience of NSR development and studying; to outline the range of marine navigation problems in the Arctic and define ways to solve them in the light of future increase in economic activity in the region, connected with development of hydrocarbon deposits in shelf and costal zones of the Arctic seas, as well as with the forecast global warming.

Place of the Conference

– marine capital of Russia – Saint-Petersburg, State Scientific Center of the RF “Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute” (AARI).

Subject of the Conference

  1. History of NSR development in particular and of Arctic navigation as a whole.
  2. Current situation and problems of NSR usage and development.
  3. Climatic changes impact on navigation in the Arctic.
  4. Ecological aspects of navigation in the Arctic.
  5. Role of marine and river transportation in the Arctic in solving of socio-economic problems of the indigenous peoples of the North.



February 21-22, 2008.


Working languages

Russian, English


The conference is organized by:

The Conference is supported by:


Organizational Committee


  1. Arthur N. Chilingarov – Vice-Chairman of the State Duma of the RF, Special Representative of the President of the RF on IPY 2007/2008 issues, President of the «Noncommercial Partnership for the Coordination of Northern Sea Route Usages»
  2. Yury V. Molchanov – Vice-Governor of Saint-Petersburg, Vice-Chairman of the Marine Council by the Government of Saint-Petersburg

Deputy Chairmen:

  1. Vladimir V. Mikhaylichenko – Executive Director of the «Noncommercial Partnership for the Coordination of Northern Sea Route Usages»
  2. Ivan E. Frolov – Director of AARI
  3. Valery A. Martyschenko – Deputy Head of the Department of Environmental Pollution Monitoring, Polar and Marine Works, Roshydromet
  4. Alexander N. Olshevsky – Head of the Marine Support Department, Federal Agency sea and river transport, Ministry of Transport of the RF

Members of the Organizational Committee:

  1. Brestkin S.V. – Head of “North” Center, AARI
  2. Viktorov A.D. – Head of Science and Higher Education Committee, Governmtnt of Saint-Petersburg
  3. Vorobjev V.N. – Pro-Rector of the Russian State Hydrometeorological University
  4. Gapeshko I.B. – Director-General on Marine Issues, “Transas” JSC
  5. Kozlov S.V. – Head of Navigation and Oceanographic Department, Defense Ministry
  6. Kornilov N.A. – Public Relations Advisor, “INTAARI” JSC
  7. Kostylev I.I. – President of State Marine Academy
  8. Mironov E.U. – Head of Ice Regime and Forecast Department, AARI
  9. Peresypkin V.I. – Director-General, “Central marine Research and Design Institute” JSC
  10. Potapov I.U. – Deputy Director-General, State Unitary Hydrographic Department
  11. Rodionov V.A. – Head of Sector for Support of Marine Council by the Government of Saint-Petersburg
  12. Sabajdash A.V. – Director-General, “Morintech” JSC
  13. Simonov A.N. – Director for External Affairs, “Lenmorniiproekt” JSC
  14. Chekalova T.U. – Executive Secretary for the Marine Council by the Government of Saint-Petersburg, Advisor of the Governor of Saint-Petersburg



Conditions of Participation

Registration fee from one participant is 5.000 Rub (at the rate of exchange, if paid before December 15, 2007) and 7.000 Rub (at the rate of exchange, if paid after December 15, 2007). Payment is possible in cash and by bank remittance. Please, while remitting the registration fee, indicate in the payment documents: company, participant’s name, purpose of payment1. Registration fee gives the right to get Conference materials and presentation package, to participate in a reception and coffee breaks, to visit Arctic and Antarctic Museum, ice-breaker “Krasin” museum.

Please send Applications for participation in the Conference (according to the form enclosed) as well as summaries of the presentations to the Secretariat of the Conference via e-mails (,, with receipt confirmation.

Summaries of Presentations will be published, while the whole presentations will be included into the booklet issued on electronic carriers after the Conference

The Conference also envisages an exhibition. Conditions of allocation of exhibition space and equipment will be announced later.

Payment Details (while remitting Registration fee):

Correspondent bank of “Savings Bank of the Russian Federation”


Account of “Savings Bank of the Russian Federation” with Correspondent bank:
The Bank of New York


Account with Institution:

Savings Bank of the Russian Federation


Maryinoroshchinskoe Branch 7981
Moscow, Russia
Beneficiary Customer: Account number:

“Noncommercial Partnership of the Coordination of Northern Sea Route Usages” (please state only the full official title without any contractions)

Vavilova Street, 7, office 521, Moscow, 117997,
the Russian Federation

1While remitting the Registration fee, in the field “purpose of payment” please indicate: “Special purpose fee for the International Conference “75 Years of studying and development of NSR”


Additional services for the participants




Contact details

Brestkin S.V. – Executive Secretary. Phone: +7 (812) 352-22-56. Fax: +7 (812) 352-26-88
Evseev V.V. – Executive Secretary. Phone: +7 (812) 352-13-23. Fax: +7 (812) 352-26-88
Grigorjeva U.A. – Secretary. Phone: +7 (812) 352-22-56
Potapova U.N. – Secretary., Phone/fax: +7 (495)135-00-28


Application for participation

In the International Scientific Conference
«75 years since the start of studying and development of Northern Sea Route»
In the framework of the International Polar Year 2007/2008
(Saint-Petersburg, February 21-22, 2008)

Name (full) of the applicant
Name of the Company (full official title)
Position (full official title)
Academic Degree
Working postal address (with zip/postal code)
Contact phones
Title of the presentation (if available)
Form of the presentation (oral, bench-top)
Exhibition space (if needed)
Hotel reservations (if needed)
ÑVisa support (if needed)
Form of Registration fee payment (cash, bank remittance)


Requirements to the presentations

Requirements to the presentations

  1. Summaries of the presentations are to be submitted in electronic form via e-mail in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .rtf)
  2. File names are to correspond to the name of the first author in Latin transcription (for example, name of the first author is Smith, then the file name is smith.doc; if there are several presentations from the same author, they should be named smith1.doc, smith2.doc, etc., correspondingly)
  3. Summaries are to be written in English
  4. Title of the presentation is to contain full name (names) of the author (authors) and name of the company
  5. Summary is to be 6000 printed characters maximum
  6. Summary is to be written using Times New Roman 12 pt, single-line interval
  7. Do not use underlining, bold-type, italics, caps
  8. Text should be typed without indents
  9. Summaries may contain 1-2 pictures of good quality (resolution 300 dpi, size 100%). Pictures are to be sent in separate file (files) in the following formats: .tif, .jpg, .wmf (in such files text is to be transformed into curves)