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Arctic and Antarctic Research
Vol 64 No 4 (2018)

Table of contents

 V.A. Borodkin, S.M. Kovalev, A.I. Shushlebin.  Spatial heterogeneity in the structure of fast ice level in the area of the research station “Ice base Cape of Baranov”.351
Hydrology of land and hydrochemistry
 V.A. Bryzgalo, M.V. Tretiakov, E.V. Rumiantseva, E.N. Shestakova, O.V. Muzhdaba.  Rivers in the Russian Arctic support zones and their current status365
 E.S. Kolpakova.  Chlorophenol compounds in freshwater lakes of subarctic regions380
Geomorhology and evolutionary geography
 T.V. Sapelko, E.S. Nosevich, M.A. Kulkova, A.I. Murashkin, E.M. Kolpakov.  Paleoecological characteristics of the Barents sea coast during the late holocene by the example of Sredniy Peninsula391
Ice engineering
 N.V. Kubyshkin, I.V. Buzin, N.V. Golovin, Yu.P. Gudoshnikov, G.A. Zamarin, A.A. Skutin.  Aspects of ice engineering for the aims of construction of the transport infrastructure and reconnaissance drilling in the Arctic407
Geology and geophysics
 L.V. Tsibizov, E.I. Esin, A.V. Grigorevskaya, K.A. Sosnovtsev.  Magnetometry and ground penetrating radar in application to mapping of polygonal wedge ice of yedoma complex427
Applied issues
 S.N. Zatsepa, A.A. Ivchenko, V.V. Solbakov, V.V. Stanovoy.  A method for modeling of the consequences of super-continuous accidents on oil production objects in the Arctic region439
Pages of history
 V.V. Lukin.  Russian Antarctic Station Pole of Inaccessibility — 60 years old455