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        The PC index is characteristic of the polar cap magnetic activity generated by the geoeffective solar wind acting on the magnetosphere. The index is derived by magnetic data of only two stations Thule and Vostok located in the northern (PCN) and southern (PCS) near-pole regions. The index was put into practice about 25 years ago, but obtained his final design as late as 2006. The procedure adopted in AARI provides on-line calculation of the PCN and PCS indices corresponding to geoeffective interplanetary electric field EKL value irrespective of time, season and solar cycle. Comprehensive description of procedure used for derivation of the PC index is given below.  Parameters α, β and φ determining the relationship between the magnetic disturbance values in the polar caps and PC index are presented in section “Parameters” for any time of year with 1-min resolution. Studies referring to the PC index (elaboration, development or usage) are enumerated in section “List of papers”.

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Parameters α, β and φ


List of papers referring to PC index


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